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维泰社会责任专业人士职业发展课程给从业人员提供从入门到担任领导者的的全程专业训练,内容涵盖从业者在职业发展的不同阶段所需要的专业知识、 技能、意识和职业道德。既包括常规分阶段课程,也包括专题课程。企业社会责任专业人士可以根据本身的需求选择课程或者专题。

The Verité CSR Professional Career Development Course provides a full career development path from entry-level to industry leadership with a training course designed for each stage. The training courses cover knowledge, skills, and professional ethics required by the industry, including regular generalized courses as well as focused special topics. CSR professionals can select courses from the list based upon their individual needs.