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Supplier Capacity Building Program

供应商能力建设课程将根据企业的实际情况,为企业量身设计和提供企业在社会责任不同发展阶段的多方面培训课程, 以满足企业所面临的不断发展的市场和客户要求。包括社会责任意识提升、社会责任管理体系建设和改善、社会责团队管理技能和团队建设等。

Supplier Capacity Building Courses are typically customized to better serve suppliers’ needs, and the courses cover a wide range of topics that are required for suppliers to meet client requirements and the fast-changing market. The courses include awareness training, management systems training, and team building.

社会责任意识提升课程 Social Compliance Awareness Raising Course

社会责任管理改善课程 Social Compliance Management Improvement Course

和谐劳动关系课程Harmonious Labor Relations Course

移民劳动管理课程 Migrant Labor Management Course