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An informed workforce, aware of labor rights and responsibilities, working in a positive environment, is a crucial part of new social compliance expectations and goals in the global supply chain. Verité experiences show that many workers lack basic information about their rights, and ways in which they can advocate for themselves, such as knowing how their wages are calculated, how to file a grievance, and what legal benefits they are entitled to. Without relevant knowledge and skills, they are more prone to unsafe, unfair, and illegal labor conditions, and have little or no recourse to the protections that do exist.


To help workers develop the understanding and skills needed to participate in improving labor protections in their workplaces, Verité conducts training programs that provide essential information, new perspectives, and practical tools for personal and professional development.

In the last 15 years, Verité’s Mobile Training Program has engaged approximately 120,000 workers.

工人培训课程涵盖劳动权益,生活技能和个人福祉三大方面的内容, 通过现场培训和远程在线培训两种方式展开。



The worker training courses are delivered both in face to face and online format.

For face to face training courses, the modules are customized based on training needs assessment surveys, interviews with workers and management, as well as assessment of the facility prior to the start of the program.

With the generous support of the Walt Disney Company, Verité developed the online worker training platform , which currently hosts 10 modules of worker training courses, that enable us to deliver worker trainings in a scalable and cost efficient way.